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Our Program

Our daily program is divided into various areas, to offer the optimum learning experiences for each child.

Each classroom has a detailed program plan that changes every week, offering structured and unstructured activities the children can choose from. Some of these activities include: arts and crafts, dramatic play, music, manipulative play, sensory play, gross motor play, reading area, science activities and circle time.

Children are encouraged to participate in school readiness activities, such as simple worksheets and printing books. These activities are individualized, taking into account each child’s ability and interest. Progress Reports are given out twice a year, giving parents a general idea of how the activities impact the children.

Our toddler classroom holds 10 children aged 18-30 months. There are 2 trained staff with the children to provide exciting and age appropriate activities.

The Preschool/Junior and Senior children are aged 2 ½ years to 5 years. This age group has 1 trained staff per 8 children. This age group is where the school readiness begins. Children begin with simple activities and work from there. Along with all of the everyday activities offered to each group.

The Kindergarten class is for children aged 5. This group has 1 trained staff per 12 children. They work on learning activities, and getting ready for grade 1.

The School Age classroom is for children aged 6-12 years, with 2 trained staff for 30 children. These children are able to explore all areas including cooking activities, making games, participating in science activities, going on field trips, as well as having help to do homework.

child learning to count
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